Urbanizing Maoism: Thoughts on a peasant revolt

On Thursday 11 May 2017, 17.00 Dan V. Hirslund from the University of Copenhagen held a talk entitled: “Urbanizing Maoism: Thoughts on a peasant revolt in the age of neoliberalism” at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES seminar room, Finngatan 16, Lund). The event was open to everyone and as usual we served fika!

This talk engaged with the problematic of the transformation of peasant-based critiques of the state in contemporary South Asia, taking as its starting point the spectacular transformation of Maoism in Nepal after the peace process in 2006. While Maoism historically grows out of a critique of feudalism related to an agricultural political economy, the context of democratic or democratising nation-states based on liberal principles are posing formidable challenges in how to adapt to highly urban-centric and transnational elite structures of the state. In this talk, he will engage with the difficulties engendered by the Maoist shift from war to peace in Nepal in order to pose larger questions about how we might think of revolutionary critique and action today.

Dan V. Hirslund is a social anthropologist from the University of Copenhagen. He has specialised in the ethnography of urban Nepal where he has worked since 2008 and is currently engaged in a project on the precarisation of industrial work in the construction industry in Kathmandu. Dan is also working on questions of precarious labor in welfare economies with a book project on Danish society.

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