Talk on Sustainable Development

Photo by Framtidsjorden

A greenhouse in Ladakh, India (Photo: Future Earth)

On Wednesday 27 April, SASA welcomed representatives from Future Earth and The Swallows India Bangladesh for a talk on sustainable development. Around 50 people gathered for the seminar. The venue was as usual in the basement floor at Lund University External Relations (ER) building, Stora Algatan 4, Lund.

Future Earth (Framtidsjorden) and Swallows India Bangladesh (Svalorna Indien-Bangladesh) are two organizations both working for a socially just and ecologically sustainable development and are doing so by supporting and collaborating with local organizations in Asia.

Caroline Nordvall and Kajsa Sennemark Aldman from Swallows showed their documentary on agrarian challenges in India.

Caroline Nordvall and Kajsa Sennemark Aldman from Swallows screened their documentary, dealing with agrarian challenges in India.

During the afternoon interns from the organizations shared their experiences and knowledge of working with issues related to sustainable development in Asia and South America. Some of the topics were: “food sovereignty”, “the adaption to organic farming and its challenges” and “development paradoxes”.

After the presentation there were snacks from India and South America served – snacks prepared by the SASA board members.

Future Earth

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