South Asian Student Association (SASA) now active for one year

sasanyThe South Asian Student Association (SASA) at Lund University has celebrated its first year of existence. SASA is the student body of Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET), and was officially launched on 24 April 2013 at a high level South Asia Symposium organised by SASNET. SASA has had an elected board for the academic year 2013/2014 with Hawwa Lubna, Maldivian Bachelors student in Development Studies Program being the SASA President, and Sharmin Rashid from Bangladesh, a Masters student in Gender Studies, SASA Vice President.
SASA has held several seminars and other seminars during its first year of existence, sometimes in collaboration with SASNET, sometimes independently.
– South Asian Movie Night Featuring “Lagaan”
– Indian Cultural Concert at Sagohuset
– SASA Diwali Celebration
– Seminar and Documentary film on Kashmir
– One Billion Rising (Lund) event to demand justice for rape victims
– Seminar on Maldives
– South Asian Youth Seminar

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