Fika Without Borders: Nepal

On Thursday 29 September, 17-19 SASA continued its Fika Without Borders series with a lecture by Lalita Bashyal, PhD Scholar in Centre for the Study of Social System at JNU. She held a lecture entitled: “The Status of Women and Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal”.
Photo: WHO

Photo: WHO

The status of women in Nepal is considered subordinate to men. Patriarchal values and customs embedded in religion, social customs and the laws continue to adversely impact women’s political involvement, employment in the public sphere, enrolment in higher education, and work performance. In this adverse environment Female Community Health Volunteers are recognized for contributing to improve the maternal and child health of Nepal. Female Community Health Volunteers work as a bridge between community and the health system of Nepal. Absenteeism of medical professionals is still prevalent in rural part of Nepal. In this meager situation, Female Community Health Volunteers role become vital in the rural health sector where more than 70% of the people reside. Hence this seminar will try to divulge the role and status of Female Community Health Volunteers working in the same community they belong to in order to improve health and status of women in Nepal.

After the lecture SASA served Samosas and tea!

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