SASA/SASNET field work travel grants to two Lund University students

In May 2015, SASA, in collaboration with SASNET, decided upon the announced student travel grants to do fieldwork in South Asia during the fall semester of 2015. The grants will cover travel expenses for airline tickets to the country of fieldwork for up to a maximum of SEK 8,000 per grant. The two successful candidates are Tullia Jack, PhD candidate at the Dept. of Sociology; and Axel Vikström, bachelors student of Journalism at the Dept. of Media and Communication. Tullia Jack is supposed to visit Mysore in India, to study Conventions, cleanliness and resource consumption in everyday life, whereas Axel Vikström is going to Maldives in the beginning of September 2015 to do reporting on the Crisis for Democracy.
Students enrolled at Lund University planning to do fieldwork in South Asia were encouraged to apply. SASA and SASNET expect to announce a new round of fieldwork grants during the fall 2015. Like our Facebook page “South Asian Students Association at Lund University” and follow our blog, to stay updated on new grant announcements.

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