Presentation by Thomas Bibin at SASA/SASNET seminar on Sri Lanka


Kenneth Carlsson (to the left) listens to the presentation by Thomas Bibin.

The South Asian Student Association at Lund University – the student body of SASNET – organised its fifth informal Fika Without Borders South Asia event in collaboration with SASNET on Tuesday 23 September 2014. The theme country for this month’s event was Sri Lanka, and featured a presentation by Thomas Bibin, well-known Swedish Radio journalist now living in Halmstad, with 40 years experience of Srilankan politics and development and with a unique insight regarding the Tamilian issue. His presentation was entitled ”Some aspects to the problem of Monotheism in a Multiethnical and Multilingual Country”. Another journalist, Kenneth Carlsson, who is the editor of the Lund University students union newspaper Lundagård, also participated with a presentation focusing on the issue of identity, drawing on his personal experiences growing up in Sweden with a mixed origin, as a half Swede, half Srilankan. Read more. 

In connection with the Sri Lanka seminar, a new board for SASA was elected for the academic year 2014/2015. The new board consists of the following three Lund University students: Jacco Visser, Rubana Mussharat Priyanka and Noshan Bhattarai.

Fika Without Borders South Asia events is a project started by SASA, in collaboration with SASNET, in which SASA organises a fika once a month, each time focusing on one of the eight South Asian countries. The next Fika Without Borders event will be on Friday 10 October 2014, 17-19, with Afghanistan being the country in focus.

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