Excluded Children of Migrated communities: A challenge for integration and inclusion

On Tuesday May 30 2017, 17.00 SASA continued its Fika Without Borders series with a┬álecture by Prabha Tirmare on “Excluded Children of Migrated communities in India: A challenge for integration and inclusion”.

In her talk, she presented contextual information about the Indian society and caste system to understand the complexities of indigenous groups such as the The Nomadic Tribes and De-notified Tribes. This was followed by taking focus onto the situation and vulnerability of children of these communities. State and non-state responses to these issues will be taken up, and conclude with questions and discussions on how one may engage in and intervene for the development of these groups and achieving social justice.

Prabha Tirmare, is Associate Professor in College of Social Work, Mumbai. Her area of interest is Social Work Education and Indigenous Knowledge (Ph.D topic), Issues related to marginalized sections, Contemporary Development and Comparative studies between the developed and developing countries (HDI/SDG) from human rights perspective.

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