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kerala-copyOn 2 February 2017, 17.00 Maggie Josephine, assistant professor from the Department for Communication and Journalism (DCJ) at University of Kerala, held a talk on Environmental News Coverage in Kerala, India.

Venue: the basement of Lund University External Relations building, Stora Algatan 4, Lund.

Maggie talked about her study entitled “Environmental News Coverage: A Review of Newspapers in Kerala”.

Abstract: Environmental news has become a signinificant area of concern to the communicators and any issues related to it acquires immediate media attention globally. The responsibility of media in shaping public opinion and beliefs and mobilising attitudes in favour of protecting environment should be an agenda of the media. Climate change is a global issue and international discussions are being held to face the challenges and minimise the destruction by timely interventions. India is also witnessing drastic climate changes for the past few years. Kerala is the state which is fast succumbing to the phenomenon of climate change and it is the task of the media to constantly monitor the changes and create awareness among the public of the need to adopt remedial measures to reduce the calamities created by human activities and urge humanity to aim for sustainable development. This study is an attempt to review the strategies of newspapers in reporting environmental issues and alerting the public about the various environmental challenges and the suggestions put forward to withstand it. This brief study will review how effectively the environmental issues are conveyed and posed before the public as a serious social problem by the newspapers of Kerala.

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