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Excluded Children of Migrated communities: A challenge for integration and inclusion

On Tuesday May 30 2017, 17.00 SASA continued its Fika Without Borders series with a¬†lecture by Prabha Tirmare on “Excluded Children of Migrated communities in India: A challenge for integration and inclusion”. In her talk, she presented contextual information about the Indian society and caste system to understand the complexities of indigenous groups such as the The Nomadic Tribes and … Continue reading

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Talk on Mahatma Gandhi As a Communicator

On Thursday 20 April 2017, 17.00 Dr. M.S Harikumar¬†held a talk entitled “Mahatma Gandhi As a Communicator” at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES seminar room, Finngatan 16, Lund). Apart from being a national leader and social reformer, Gandhi was a great communicator. More than any one else, he recognized that communication is the most effective tool to shape … Continue reading

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Fika Without Borders: India

On 2 February 2017, 17.00 Maggie Josephine, assistant professor from the Department for Communication and Journalism (DCJ) at University of Kerala, held a talk on Environmental News Coverage in Kerala, India. Venue: the basement of Lund University External Relations building, Stora Algatan 4, Lund. Maggie talked about her study entitled “Environmental News Coverage: A Review of Newspapers in Kerala”. Abstract: … Continue reading

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